COVID-19 Testing (Antibody & PCR) in Essexville

COVID-19 in Essexville MI

We at North Pine Urgent and Family Care are offering several types of Covid-19 testing.

As of now testing criteria is open for Healthcare workers, individuals deemed as essential workers, front-liners, anyone with at least minor symptoms and anyone that has been exposed to an individual that has a confirmed positive test.

Types of COVID-19 Testings in Essexville MI

  • Curbside PCR/Nasal Swab Covid-19 testing sent to commercial labs Helix and Quest with results in 2-3 days
  • In-office Antibody test sent to Quest Labs for the IgG antibody. This test takes a blood draw of 1ml and results are usually 2-3 days

To help streamline the process please fill out our Covid-19 testing questionnaire and we will contact you in 24-48 hours to schedule your testing time. Please note an office visit is part of the process as our providers will write an order for testing as long as individuals meet the testing criteria.


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